Evolve/GoControl PIR-200 DH needed

So, I got my hands on an Evolve/GoControl PIR-200 which appears to look like the monoprice 4-in-1 PIR. Does anyone have experience with the Evolve/GoControl PIR-200?

Evolve and gocontrol are two different companies. Evolve makes a PIR 200. Go control never did, their motion sensor was model WAPIRZ-1.

They look quite different.



Which one do you have?

Also, looks don’t matter. It is quite common in China for a factory to offer multiple clients the same external case while the internals, which are specific to each client, can be quite different. :wink:

its the evolve pir-200

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@JDRoberts so, i got these out again, after the platform change over, in hopes that they might pair under an internal dh. although they are only motion sensors despite looking almost identical to the monoprice 4-in-1 motion, temp, light sensor, they do pair, but as open/close contact sensors. they are ‘closed’ aka no motion until motion is sensed and then show as ‘open’ for 3 minutes. who do i need to contact to get the internal dh updated to reflect them as a motion sensor with ‘motion’ or ‘no motion’???