Everything went offline on New App but Classic app work just fine? (March 2019)

New to ST from Iris, Everything has been working fine for a couple of weeks now. We had a bad storm the other night so I unplugged hub so it didn’t get fried. Plugged back in and didn’t think anything about it. Last night I checked the app and everything shows offline except for the hub , the Iris water sensors and the Iris sirens. I noticed that if I went to the individual devices I could work switch plugs to turn lamps on even though they said they were not connected?? I then went to the classic app and everything was connected and working as intended. I thought it was a new upgrade that I installed on my phone so I went to my sisters phone (we share the app) and hers was doing the same as my phone. Also, we use Alexa to turn lights on and off … she still works great! I tried unplugging the hub again to see what happens and still the same which makes since because the Classic app works fine. It’s got to be something in the new ST app. I also only have one location. Any suggestions??

That’s usually case lately with the new app, unfortunately. Device state between the two apps can/will be different, and ST knows about that (and working on it). For me, I’m staying with the Classic app because it handles things better (I have close to 300 devices).

There are many discussions in the Community about exactly what you’re experiencing, so you’re not alone!

You should only have 1 location unless you have multiple hubs, and/or a Gear watch. Apparently the new app creates a new location for that for some reason.

I have been seeing this same behavior since about Thursday. My automations are working fine, even with all my z-wave devices showing ‘Disconnected’ in the new app. Everything looks fine in the classic app. I really don’t want to delete/add all my devices and recreate all those automations, but it hasn’t fixed itself in the last few days. Just coming from IRIS too, and I can’t understand at all why they released this buggy new app.

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Thanks John that is what I figured… Ill stay with the classic then. Thanks!!

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Don’t know release before all the bugs are out I guess that is why they call it Beta.

Kinda miss Iris … heard a lot of people had problems but I never did…it worked great for me … but least they gave me my money back and then some!!

Out of the blue, my 2 thermostats are now connected in the new app. Didn’t do anything - just happened. Still showing my lock and fan switch as disconnected. Everything has worked the whole time in the old app.

Mine are all still disconnected except for the Iris alarms and Iris water sensors that have always been connected. I can click on the device below where it says it’s disconnected and it shows that it is connected … opened or closed, off or on…etc. The app’s front page (console) is the only thing not working in the new app. Maybe I should not say only thing!!
Oh I just checked and one door sensor came back or connected and I haven’t done anything to that door sensor??? Really weird!!!

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Update…my hub went offine after I signed up for update alerts via email…I unplug my hub and plugged back in and now everything is working in new app…strange things indeed!!!

Info: hub firmare 24.00022