Everything shows inactive

All of my multipurpose senors show inactive and wont change state when I open or close a door. I’ve removed and added the senors multiple times and it always works at first then stops working all together. Anyone have any ideals how to fix this?

My hub is in another room away from my router and my senors are in the same room as the hub

Hub reboots normally help, unless you are having serious interference in the 2.4 ghz spectrum.

It seems like all of my other connected devices work but none of the Samsung smart things want to work. I have a GE power outlet setup outside to control our holiday lights and yet to have any problems with it.

GE, normally uses zwave… Zwave in the US operates in the in the 900mhz spectrum. Most of the SmartThings branded devices are zigbee and can be effected by Bluetooth, wifi and other 2.4ghz devices.