Everything Disappearing In Andrioid App

24 hours later with no change and no word from Support. It doesnt appear the issue is widespread, which makes it curiouser since i didnt do anything on ST to trigger this.

just curious… are the remaining devices still in the ST app after that message about everything being deleted. I wish you had gotten a screenshot of that message :frowning:

I tried to get a screen shot but it caused to to vanish.

I still have the same 32 remaining devices, all of which are showing offline but now, the tiles for all of them are back to what they should be instead of just a generic multi-sensor tile. The Hub does show is a device, but it is not showing online and cannot be accessed

IDE web, has lost three devices, I haven’t bothered to track which ones. Beta web is the same, and does not show the hub.

Oh, and everything has vanished from Alexa

I never heard back, so I have revoked remote access.

After two days I began to rebuild my SmartHome using Hubitat. As I went through that transition, I discovered a lot of the things that were removed from ST were there. I was also redesigning and optimizing based on 7 years of experience.

When it was all done I backed it up locally - something that would have solved the issue I encountered in the first place.

With the exception of a convoluted methodology for notifications, I gained capability and logic.

I performed a factory reset on my ST hub and it is now on shelf.