Everyone receives a notification when alarm is Armed Home/Away

Hey everyone, this could be a simple one I couldn’t find.

Just wondering if it were possible for everyone in my family to get a notification when I set my alarm system to Away or Home. Could be a text or push, whatever.

Currently, when I set my alarm to Away, no one knows it is armed until someone trips it.

Is there a way to get a notification to everyone saying “ALARM ARMED” or something?

Thank you!

If you are setting the alarm via an automation from a routine - your best option is to go into the routine settings. additional settings and there you can have a notification sent automatically anytime the routine happens (unless it was manually run)

If you are setting the SHM alarm manually or doing the routine manually - your best option is using WebCoRE and sending the notification when SHM status changes to either armed home or away.

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