Every Firmware Update, I have to delete all automations and re-add them

Every single time SmartThings releases a firmware update, all of my automations stop working. I have tried resetting the hub. Doesn’t help. I removed the batteries and put them back. Doesn’t help. No matter what. I can say with 100% accuracy, this happens every single time SmartThings updates. I am forced to delete all of my automations, and re-add them/configure them. All my devices are still connected, so luckily I never have to actually re-add my devices. However, I do have to delete the automations themselves, and re-add/configure them.

Am I alone here?

Contact support. I’m sure there are glitches, but what you describe seems to be an odd issue.

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Never had this issue with a firmware update and I’m a V1 then V2 customer.

Never had an issue either. I am on Hub v2

Jon, I have the exact same problem. When I saw the email about a firmware update I immediately got nervous because every update wreaks havoc with my system. Sure enough, just when I had things running fairly smoothly for several consecutive days, the update came and now my system is a mess.

Like the OP, I can still control the devices individually, Also, it doesn’t usually affect all of my routines, but so far there are at least three routines that just stopped working and I’m sure there will be more. It is incredibly frustrating and I’m starting to run out of excuses when my SO complains that nothing is working and wants to chuck the system.

I’ve accepted the fact that my system is half-baked, but I felt I should let the OP know he is not the only one with this problem.

Is your huh near any potential sources of wifi interference? I learned the hard way that a lot of wifi activity on the right channel can wreck havoc with the hub’s functionality…

When you say automation, what are you referring to? Core, Smartapps, or Smartthings built in stuff.

No, it is not near another wifi source. I never have any issues except the night of each and every firmware update I’ve had.

Smartapps (Specifically SmartLighting)

Yes, OP, your not alone it has happened to me also with the last update. Most of my SmartLighting automations are not functioning. My automations are the normal On at this time and Off at this time. The only way to resolve is to delete and recreate them.

Frustrating but could be worse.