EverSpring (Utilitech) SE812 Siren

HI. Thought I would share my experience of the Everspring SE812 siren I have just connected to a V3 and V2 hubs.

Its a very easy product to use and can be picked up quite cheaply in the UK. I first connected to my V2 hub and it connected first time with no issues. After testing I followed the instructions to reset it to factory defaults ( press button 3 times in 1.5 seconds I think) and then I connected it to my V3 hub which again worked first time.

Only gotcha’s I can see are

  1. The siren tamper switch didn’t work on the V2 hub but did on the V3 hub (strange)
  2. The quiet mode seems too quiet

Also I would like to use the 6VDC 600ma power adp with it but I am struggling to find out first what the size of DC plug it uses as it is quite small? but also can you connect the power adapter and leave the batteries in or is it one or other?

Can you change the batteries for re-chargeable and thus have those as a battery backup?

If anyone can expand on this that would be useful, but in general the product is a very good and certainly loud indoor siren that works with ST well.