Everspring AN179 wiring?

Hi there. I’ve acquired one of these from Vesternet and can’t quite make out the wiring plans from the manual. For a two way switch, I think this is what I need to do…

Can anyone confirm please…?

Can’t answer myself, but have you contacted Vesternet technical support? They’re usually very good.

Here a picture from their manual:

You can’t figure out how to connect? Can you recognize the module in the lower part of the drawing, the rectangular solid line with the terminals?

The switches in the manual don’t have the com marked, but that is the LH side of the switch that goes to the 3V terminal of the module.

The switch terminals that should be used are the Common and the 1 or the 2. That is wrong in your drawing. The com from the switch(es) are connected to the 3V terminal.

The manual can be downloaded here:

Everspring AN179 manual

And the terminals are labeled:

Grtn Ben