Everspring AN145 Screw-in lamp socket?

Does anyone know if the Everspring AN145 will work with ST? I have a bunch of pull string lights in our basement and I would love to have them turn on, and more importantly off, when someone goes down there.

And yes, although something like the GE link bulbs are an option to eliminate these, I have high wattage CFLs (150w equivalent) since I don’t have a whole lot of lights down there…need lots of lumens!!!

According to the reviews, it does. What’s great about amazon is you can search within the reviews for keywords. There were at least 3 who mentioned it worked with ST

They work. I have a few

I got pulled away into a meeting and didn’t get to check the reviews. Ugh…sorry about that.

Just to clarify, the AN145’s work perfect on ST… and is a good solution for under $28…

It is compatible with incandescent bulbs up to 100 watts and energy saving bulbs (CFL, LED) up to 27 watts…

If you have problems with the tall stack up of the module and the bulb, here’s a Quick $5 fix…

Well, let me just mention I was having trouble, all of a sudden… Tried to add the AN145 to my GE remote and it just wouldn’t happen, I have most of my other ST Z-Wave lights on it. Not sure what changed, but I could not include, exclude or associate any of the AN145 devices from ST or my GE45600 remote. I noted the manual says to just press the on/off button on the device to initiate any programming, but it just wasn’t working.

Somehow I got lucky and figured out that you need to rapidly press the device’s on/off button three (3) times for any includes, excludes and association, this worked 100% for all of these types of operations… I even tested the full exclusion (reset) feature on ST (Hub Z-Wave Utility Screen) and on the GE45600 remote (Hold Setup, Delete, Light). They may have had a firmware update to the device, not sure, manual never really mentioned this…

Manual Link:

A few years later and sockets for SmartThings to save $ on bulbs? no way, manufacturers want to earn max $$ and I cannot see any such sockets around. Too bad. I’m still looking though …

Hello Everyone,

By mistake I deleted all my data on my ST. Before that the AN145 was connecting without any problem. Now I am not able neither to exclude it or add it again. I have tried already to rapidly press the device’s on/off button three times but nothing. The bulb continues to get on and off withuout any problem but the red LED never flashed and I am not able to associate with my ST.

Does anyone knows can suggest a way to force this device to be excluded?


I’m having the same problem. Works ok manually but I cannot add it into my system as it thinks it’s already added and the slow flashing red light does not appear. How can you do a factory reset of the lap holder?
Any update?