Everspring AD147-2 868MHz not working on SmartThings Hub Uk


I bought a Everspring AD147-2 plug-dimmer.
It is recognized and added by the ST Hub. I can control it in the ST but nothing happens. The LED goes on for a second when i change “on/off/dim” but the connected lamp just stays on.
Also, the button on the plug-dimmer does not switch the connected lamp on or off as well.
The question is, I’m i missing something, is it just not compatible or is it perhaps broken?

Maybe someone can help me out a bit.
Thanks for the help.

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If even the physical button doesn’t work, more likely broken.

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I’m looking at using the Everspring dimming sockets.
Please would you let us know if you manage to get it working?
Any suggestions for similar dimming sockets which work with Smartthings Hub would be appreciated too.

So far no luck. I Can’t test if the dimmer is broken or just not compatible.

Forget about checking compatibility with ST or any other z-wave controller, if the device has a button that’s supposed to turn it on/off locally (I don’t have one of these devices) but that’s not working, you have a problem with the device itself.

I can confirm it’s working perfectly.

So what was the issue?

The plug itself has a defect. Tried another (exactly the same) one and worked straight out of the box.