Events in SmartThings

I’m bit confused by various events in SmartThings. Events can come from two sources. First, there is a change in state of one of the devices which leads to an event creation. The second type is when I tap on the Mobile Phone application and asks for changing state of a device.
The first one is handled by SmartApps and automation within SmartApp. But how is the second event being handled? Or does SmartThings at all consider the second one as an event?
How is the commands from my Mobile Phone Application executed in SmartThings cloud to change the state of desired device.

As we discussed in your other thread earlier this week, how the commands are executed in the SmartThings cloud varies considerably depending on which communication path the specific devices uses. Cloud to cloud integrations will receive the “turn on” command from their own cloud. Zwave and Zigbee devices will receive the “turn on” command from the SmartThings hub in their physical location after that hub has been sent an instruction by the SmartThings cloud.

In your most recent two threads it sounds like you are asking for the details of the SmartThings’ app’s communication to its own cloud. How the request is authenticated and then processed within the cloud itself.

I may be mistaken, but I don’t believe those specific details have been published, nor would I expect them to be. SmartThings provides public details of its API for third party authentication and communication: that’s the “SmartThings Connector” to “SmartThings API” route on your diagram.

But they have never provided a way for third parties to create their own version of the app or their own version of the cloud.

Why are you interested in this level of detail? Are you just curious? Concerned about security? Hoping to create an alternative app? An alternative cloud? A new platform altogether?

SmartThings is not an open source system, so it’s common to run into some “black box” areas here and there.

if your concerns are about platform security, that’s a different subject, and probably best discussed in your topic on authentication.

Thank you for the explanation. Here, I’m not concerned about the command being transferred from Cloud to devices.
Yeah I’m asking about SmartThings’ app’s communication with it’s own cloud. As you mentioned how the request is authenticated and the request is being processed by device handlers for the command to be passed on to devices.

I’m curious about the details. I’m not planning for a new platform or cloud. I’m curious as I can track how the events from devices are taken care by event handlers. But I’m unable to to track how to the requests from mobile phone are processed in cloud.

So, my main target here is to know how the cloud processes the requests from mobile phone in order to generate commands which will be send to devices.

Also, although you mentioned the details are not public. But if we can know these details we can be more sure about security system of SmartThings.