Events are stucked/repeating

(Giancarlo Bonansea) #1

Hello SmartThing developers,

I developed a simple application that subscribe to events and for each one triggers a REST request to an external service. Since one day ago I started receiving some “repeating events” - they behave like “stuccoed events” that are being “re-sent” about each 5 minutes. I rebooted my hub, uninstalled the SmartApp and started allover again, and these 3 “stuccoed events” keep triggering - I didn’t miss any real event, seems that everything is working fine, except for these stuccoed events (some of them from 1 day ago).

Has anyone had this kind of problem? Is there anything else that I should do to “reset” this behavior?

Thanks in advance for your support,

(Giancarlo Bonansea) #2

[UPDATE]: Just found that the repeating/stucked events are coming from the same SmartDevice, in this case a Smart Multi Sensor - is there a way to “reset it” (logically or physically)? Or the problem would be within the pub/sub engine?