Event wiring


I’m interested to have local decisions taken in the hub for performance reasons and when the connection to the cloud doesn’t work.

So I had a look in the following page:

Is it something that works now? The article is dated September 2012 but in the other hand I see in the forum remarks that say that the hub is rather stupid and only forward messages. The phrase “Again, not for the initial launch, but we wanted you to know that we get it.” indicates that it doesn’t work yet but is planned.

I fully understand that having SmartApp in the cloud is required for some applications like remotely unlock my door. However, alarm ringing for an intrusion, lights switching, … would better work locally.

Thanks in advance to help me to clarify this point.

Best regards,


This is not something that we have implemented yet. it is likely still some ways out. We believe this will require a new version of the hub with a faster processor and perhaps running Linux. Probably not what you wanted to hear but it is where we are at.


Thank you for your clear answer. It is certainly cheaper to buy a new hub than all the “things”. I’m a bit more disappointed to do not be able to buy an Arduino SmartThings Shield from Switzerland. I’m evaluating the IoT technology and having this board was important to see the sensor/actuator side.


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