Event.description missing body with Content-type: text/plain

New user, trying to build a Service Manager for devices from Axis Communications using their VAPIX API.
Starting with the AXIS P8221 Network I/O module, as a local LAN connected device.

I can use the following command to pull a non-authenticated xml file off the P8221 and the locationHandler callback parses the xml content of the http response perfect - this work well.
sendHubCommand(new physicalgraph.device.HubAction(""“GET /rootdesc1.xml HTTP/1.1\r\nHOST:\r\n\r\n”"", physicalgraph.device.Protocol.LAN))

However, changing the URI to an authenticated REST method from the VAPIX API as shown below has an incomplete result in the event type - it appears to lack the plain text body of the html.
sendHubCommand(new physicalgraph.device.HubAction(""“GET /axis-cgi/param.cgi?action=list&group=IOPort.I0 HTTP/1.1\r\nAUTHORIZATION: ${userpass}\r\nHOST:\r\n\r\n”"", physicalgraph.device.Protocol.LAN))

I have confirmed that this exact URI with the properly endocded BASE64 auth string works as expected when using the Google Postman tool - it return the correct data per the VAPIX spec.

When making this call from HubAction, I can sniff the Ethernet traffic coming into the hub with pcap/wireshark, and see that all of the same correct content is being returned to SmartThings hub exactly the same as it is returned to Postman, so the GET request is working properly and returning the content to the hub.

However, when the locationHandler callback processes the event.description argument, it has the following value:
locationHandler description: index:0F, mac:00408CC198CE, ip:C0A864D1, port:0050, requestId:169713f9-1f15-47cf-b151-c3459045cf8c

The only difference that I can see between these two GET requests (other than the Authentication which I have ruled out as being a problem) is that the VAPIX response has “Content-type: text/plain” and this plain text does not appear to be included in the event type when it is passed into the locationHandler callback ??

Can anyone confirm how “Content-type: text/plain” should be received by the hubAction??

Many thanks,

@pstuart it looks like you’ve learned quite a bit about LAN connected devices - any idea why the hub action will not pass along plain text in the http reply? Or why the content is appended with the request-id? Thanks in advance.

if it isn’t an html response, xml or json, it will not get to the parser in local hubactions. Don’t know why, that’s the way it currently is.