Eve Energy execution location? Why does it say “cloud”?

I am using the Matter beta for the eve energy and got them connected to my Aeotec Hub. Now I looked in my “smartthings api dashboard” (O hope you know what I mean) and saw that the execution location is Cloud. Should’t it be connected via Thread. Maybe it is just a Beta bug from Eve. But the smarttgings hub from Aeotec has Thread?! In the smartthings App I see no Th

read logo, but the Aeotec support meant that the hub supports it…

IDE does not properly display correct data for Edge/New architecture devices. They only display Placeholder and Cloud. IDE is scheduled to be shutdown soon.


Thanks! I am quite new to this “level of smartthings”. I have heard from the shutdown, but am not very much informed about the smartthings architecture and am not sure if I want to “waste” much time with it. :sweat_smile:
what will be the replacement? And will it be from one day to another?

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Different functions will now be available in different places.

http://my.smartthings.com is the new official webpage access to your smartthings account, but it doesn’t have all the same features as the IDE.

See the following topic for discussion of where some of the other functionality will be accessed in the new architecture:

Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers