EVALOGIK offline after routine to turn OFF device executed unsuccessful

Driver ST driver for z-wave switch devices
Version 2023-06-13T18:57:16.76494549

2015 ST HUB FIRMWARE current

Apple app

ST indicates device is OFFLINE after routine runs unsuccessfully to turn light off.
After manually turning device off at the device ST shows the device ‘online’ in the off state, which is correct. The status occurs virtually instantly.

I have attempted to delete the device without success so that I can add it again.
Assistance would be appreciated.

I believe you can install @Mariano_Colmenarejo Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc Edge driver for that device which may resolve your issues.

click on the following link: SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things. and tap on Available Drivers, find and install the Edge driver. Next find the device in the mobile app, tap on the 3 dots and select Driver and switch driver to the one you installed.

if you do need to remove the device or other devices… use the new ST Advanced Web App then exclude it as needed.

Thank you for the reply.
This seems to be like going to the doctor. This morning the switch functioned properly for the first time in weeks. I did slightly reposition the device the best I could considering it’s location. Not sure that should have had much influence since the light would turn on each evening just fine.
I will keep a watch on this device and try your suggestion if it starts again having this issue.
Again Thank You for your reply.

Update: I have just updated to MC’s driver. Will see how well the switch and hub stay connected and operating.

Final update. I finally had to replace the EVALOGIK. It just kept going offline. I had a second EVALOGIK same model that I purchased at the same time. It is working flawlessly.

Additional information as of Aug. 17, 2023:
The troublesome unit had a Date Code of 0820.
The unit that I replaced it with has the same date code. It continues to function fine.
I recently purchased another (3rd) EVALOGIK same model. It’s date code is 0721. It is functioning fine also.