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Eurotronics Spirit TRV

(Dani) #61

Indeed the refresh from DH it is working now. Very nice work. Thank you very much @dougalAgain for responsiveness!!!

(Stephen Hill) #62

Thats the bit i dont get. Surely i have to have something on the boiler itself for it to switch on?

TRV -> Thermostat -> Relay on Boiler or something?

(Mark) #63

How is your boiler controlled currently? Some kind of thermostat, I’d imagine?

Thermostatic radiator valves can shut off the flow of steam or hot water to an individual room’s radiator without any connection to the boiler. That’s helpful if a particular room gets too hot, for example.

But if you want a certain room to call for heat, then like @tmleafs mentioned, the TRV would communicate with a smart thermostat, which would then call for heat from the boiler (like any dumb thermostat, just that the trigger for heating is coming from the TRV rather than the thermostat itself).

(Stephen Hill) #64

This is a picture of my boiler - i guess the thermostats are the manual knobs for the hot water and radiators.

Then i have TRVs in each room to control the individual heat.

(Kenneth Collins) #65

Thanks dougalAgain,

I’m trying to pair it with it sitting right next to the ST Hub, they both just blink away forever…

I’ve been trying to see if I can identify it in the Live Logging…I did get a message that said;
Parsing ‘catchall: 0104 0000 01 01 0100 00 8946 00 01 1234 0A 01 02FF4C0600100121CE0B21A813240100000000210A012067’
I’m not sure if that is the TRV or another device…any idea?

Did it just appear as a device when you ‘Add a Thing’, or did you have to get ID from log and manually create it?

I’m thinking this one may be a dud, especially if that message above doesn’t relate to the TRV.

Thanks for your reply.


(Ben Erkens ) #66

Hi Kenneth,

Where do you live? Same story for others with pairing problem.

EU, USA, etc, Z-Wave devices and have different frequencies at different continents.

Could that be the problem?

My TRV paired in a second.

Did you reset the TRV and try again to pair?

Grtn Ben

(Laurentiu S Pintilie) #67

How those trv compare to POPP ones in terms of features in smartthings? Do they allow more control or automatization?

(Andrew Wilcock) #68

Hi @dougalAgain
Modified DTH working well but now if I change the LCD orientation, backlight or lcd parameters they are not changed.
Other controls temp, mode etc all seem to work.

(Kenneth Collins) #69

Hi Benerkens,

I’m in the UK, I bought the TRV from Germany. I did try resetting it and repairing the network, etc. but in the end I still couldn’t get ST to discover it.

I’ve now returned it and am waiting for a replacement, hopefully this one connects.

Thanks for your reply.


(Ben Erkens ) #70

Hi Kenny, hope you receive the new TRV as swift as possible. Grtn Ben

(Kenneth Collins) #71

Hey all,

Replacement TRV came today and linked on second try, dougalAgain’s DTH controls it straight away. Just need to figure out how to turn the display upside down.

Thanks for your DTH and support.


(Ben Erkens ) #72

Hi Kenny,

You have installed the DTH?

Push the config button rh upper corner and there you have the "Invert LCD " option.

Grtn Ben

(Kenneth Collins) #73

The invert LCD option doesn’t seem to work for me either, not a biggie, won’t be looking at it much.

(Neil Burns) #74

The timeout and invert lcd seem to be broken now.

(Edward Cann) #75

I’ll take a look soon as the battery life of mine seems to have take a massive hit

(Neil Burns) #76

Thanks. How are you all controlling these as I bought one to test as had an electronic trv that I could program on and off times.

This just seems dumb in comparison as I can’t control it. How are you setting the on and off times of the valve?

Thanks Neil



Great handler - thanks @dougalAgain.
Couple of random questions if I may…

I have Alexa setup with the ST skill, but I can’t seem to find any vocabulary to set the temp…e.g. Set the temperature in the office to 20 degrees…is there anything dumb I’m doing or do we need to use specific verbs? I also tried set the heating in the office to 20, or set the Office TRV heatingsetpoint to 20 (Office TRV being my device name)…none of which seemed to work

Also, I’m also a webcore user - are there any triggers for when the TRV is open (i.e. thinks it needs heat) or closed (when it thinks its achieved temp)

Many thanks again…I love the communities (both ST and WC)


(Mark C) #78

Thanks for the good work, i just got hold of the trv and was thinking id have to make one from scratch

(Jawad Saadi) #79

Thanks Edward for the great effort the work nicely , here is a graph how the actual temperature follows the set temp consistently. My Fibaro TRV is going all over the place.

(Mark C) #80

tryed saving this today in the ide, but now im getting this message

org.springframework.transaction.TransactionSystemException: Could not roll back Hibernate transaction; nested exception is org.hibernate.TransactionException: JDBC rollback failed

and it wont save