Eurotronics Spirit TRV

(Edward Cann) #41

Hi Mathias!

Thanks for your comments I’m glad I could give back to the community.
Let me know how you’re pulling the current temp and I’m sure I can help out.
The heatpoint is currently being stored as a variable. and visible within the handler (on the right hand side) but if you’d like it exposed in a different way I’m sure I could add that to the handler pretty easily.

Thanks again


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just checked my code and realised I didn’t set the heating point as a state (which is probably what you’re reading for your google sheet.

I’ll look at adding that some time for completeness


Thank you so much for your great work :smiley:
It is not so easy to find devices compatible with Smartthings and working Device Handlers in Germany.
The Eurotronics Spirit was included as a Z-Wave Dimmer, but i could edit the type under my devices. So now it works perfect :+1:t2:

(Kenneth Collins) #44

Hi dougalAgain and thanks for the DTH.

I’m not sure how to pair the TRV with my ST hub…I’ve installed the DTH and set the TRV to ‘lnk’ and set ST to search for new devices…but they don’t connect.

I tried to manually add the TRV, but I didn’t know what the network ID was…

Please could you help?

Many thanks.


(Kenneth Collins) #45

Hi again dougalAgain,

I bought the Eurotronics Spirit Z Wave Plus TRV from a German website, I’m in the UK so I had assumed they’d be compatible. The box states the frequency is 868.42 Mhz.

I’ve attempted to reset the TRV by holding the middle button while inserting the batteries, and tried to perform device exclusion, but nothing I do seems to get ST to discover the TRV.

I’ve tried opening the logging in ST, but can’t see anything that I don’t recognise that could be the TRV.

Appreciate any help or guidance anyone is able to offer.

Thanks in advance.


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What website was it I was just about to buy

(Kenneth Collins) #47

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Yup that site best price hope you can get them working

(Edward Cann) #49

I got mine from Amazon but they also sell them through vesternet.

(Edward Cann) #50

As for getting it to connect. I seem to remember having to include it on the network next to the ST hub if I did it in position I had issues.

(Stephen Hill) #51

I’m interested in purchasing 6 of these, for my home, but I’m a bit confused about how they link up with my boiler.

Do the rest of you run your boilers on ‘constant’, and then control the temperature in your homes solely from the radiator valves? I want to be able to control the temperature in each room, but it seems slightly counter-productive to have my heating running all of the time - regardless of whether the TRV’s are set to ‘off’.

Do I need to do something clever to the boiler, which only turns it on when the TRV’s are turned on?

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You need a zwave themostat so you can call it to start heating. I have a nest which makes it harder the easiest thing to do is put it in the coldest place in the house. I will NST manager features when I get these devices but it’s not easy to setup by the looks of it to me

(Dani) #53


I Installed your [eurotronic-spirit-trv.groovy] DH for Eurotronic Spirit TRV and it does not get the setpoint temperature. :cry:

I need the (heat)setpoint temperature params for webcore.

Thank you.

(Dani) #54

…instead of this range [5.30] -> I need the temperature set on the thermostat by user. Is anyway to obtain that temperature?

Thank you.

(Dani) #55

Can anybody help me to find how to I retrieve, the temperature setpoint from this Device Handler Eurotronic Spirit TRV?

Thank you.

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What does the device page in the ST Classic App look like?

(Edward Cann) #57

pics above (from march 8th) are from the classic app.
I haven’t got round to updating to the new app.

(Edward Cann) #58

Hi Dani and Mathias
I’ve just updated my device handler to expose the heating setpoint as a state (alongside temperature)

Let me know if you have any problems.


(Dani) #59

Hi @dougalAgain,

Thank very much for your update.
Just implemented. The updated DH works. It displays the heatingSetpoint. But it have a (little) issue. It does not refresh automatically the heatingSetpoint. Only If we press on refresh button and exit and enter again on device.

Thank you very much.
Kindly Regards,

(Edward Cann) #60

It now pulls the heating set point after setting it.
Please update the Device handler.