Eurotronics Spirit TRV

Hi, please refer to my post about ScheduleTstatZones.…The smartapp can leverage all your ST connected temp/motion/contact/presence sensors and control your eTRVs in a smart way based on the concepts of rooms/zones/schedules.

You can download the code at my store

Just pulled the trigger on 11 of these… I’ll let you know in a month or so how I get on :wink:

@mark_cockcroft or @dougalAgain is it possible for this device handler to be modified so that it can support the spirit’s direct valve control mode? I have an application in mind for these TRVs but would need to be able to set the valve to a percentage. Thanks!

yea it think so, you would have to look thourgh the manual on how to put it ito direct control, then find out the zwave command to send use

right now I’m using Raspberry Pi + Razberry shell. I want to buy ST. Right now I’m using 11pcs of eurotronic spirit trvs. I can see that it will work with ST (thanks to some people here) but can I set easly schedule with ST and Eurotronics? And for eg. can I set downstair one temp. via one button? Can someone put here some printscreen with app solution?

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