EU Upgrade Notifications

Has anybody else gotten several notifications about the EU Server Upgrades? 6 updates seems a bit excessive…

Apologies for the spam and thank you for reporting.

My initial thought was that you received multiple notifications because you are subscribed to multiple notifications. In this case because the upgrade impacts so many components, we notified the following components:

This scheduled maintenance affects: Scheduled SmartApps (UK), Hub Connectivity (UK), Device Control (UK), Push Messages (UK), SmartApp Web Services (UK), Mobile App Connectivity (UK), and SmartApps (UK).

However, I checked my subscriptions and I am subscribed to all components NA and UK but only received one notification. I also see that the notifications are spread out over 3 hours which is odd as the notifications should have all been generated at once, around 4:27 PM PDT.

Did others receive multiple notifications as well?

Thanks for checking on it @Brad_ST.

I did get 2 more later in the evening as well… 8:09 PM PDT and 11:09 PM PDT. Is there a way I can unsubscribe from UK notifications? I definitely don’t intend to move to Europe any time soon… I can PM you my phone number if that helps.

You can PM your number and I can unsubscribe, otherwise if you go to, click “Subscribe to Updates”, click the phone icon, enter your number, and click “Subscribe via SMS”.

Then for any of the components with a + sign, click on the component and uncheck UK.

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Thanks.That is not a very intuitive way to unsubscribe…

In a related note, I got the notification about the update to the EU Infrastructure Upgrade. Hopefully I managed to unsubscribe before the follow up notifications made it into the queue to send to me.