EU socket with energy meter for solar panel

Any sockets that work fine reporting the energy consumption?

I have a solar panel and I would like to know how much energy produced

thanks in advance

Hi, I learned a lot of useful information, and I can add that in your case, you need to simplify the task a little. Once I wanted to create a portable device like a power Bank, which would be charged like a solar battery, and of course such devices already exist. My idea was that I wanted to attach a small panel to the phone case so that it could be charged from the sun. But this is not practical, since a small and weak solar panel will not be able to fully provide the device, not to mention cloudy days. That’s the story. As for full-fledged home solar panels, I am very supportive of eco-friendly electricity production, and I recently installed new panels at home from , and I was very happy with them, as I have never found more powerful products of this type anywhere :slight_smile:
I hope my experience will be useful to you :))

D-link kasa but it does not show consumption in ST. You need to see in their app

Yes, there are such sockets, but I would advise you to include a separate meter in your electrical circuit. It can help you to know how much energy produced.

try AEE kilowatt meter base socket meter