EU Devices

Hi all,

As I live in the UK, and I am sure there are many others who live in Europe, using Smartthings, I wanted to get a list of devices together that are known to be working with ST in EU region.

I currently have the following, but will be interested in Wall light switches:

  • TKB 3 pin plug: I find they work very well, I have both the dimmable and on/off versions. Don’t bother with the version that provides power metering as ST doesn’t support it.
  • Everspring door/ window sensors (EVR_HSM02): work well too. No issues with setup or operation.
  • Fibaro door/ window sensors (FGK-101): work well too, and can be used with a push button, like a door bell.

Are there any others that people have used successfully or not so successfully??