EU deal zigbee plug

Just bought this

3 zigbee plugs for total 15€ they work with the Xiaomi zigbee outlet DH!!!
great deal


Excellent price! Let us know one way or the other if you figure out if they can extend your zigbee network. Sometimes the less expensive devices don’t.

How can I discover that? But take into account that standard price was 150euros. I think sitecom has tried to build his own hub system with no success and now they have stock to sell

Man… bought one…and now back to original price.
What a steal. Thanks

I am happy you did it too!
Let me know how it goes when you get them.

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It is definitely the same. I think they also repeat

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Hey Fabrizio, I got these paired up like you said with the Xiaomi Zigbee Outlet DH, no other DH I found yet works, on/off by the app works great, but if you manually turn them on/off the app doesn’t update.
And the power monitoring doesn’t work, which is a shame, that would be very useful, hopefully there’s a Zigbee Oultet DH somewhere where this will work. They are quite large, but 2 for 25 euros I’m not complaining. Debating whether to get more.

Mr @JDRoberts what’s the best way to test if these repeat or not? If I stick one between the Hub and my Arrival Sensor in my car? If the RSSI goes down, does that mean it’s repeating? At the moment I have LQI @100 and RSSI @ -75.

Happy to see they also work for you!!
In my case it was 15€ for 3 so no complaints at all

BTW, I managed to add them with the official SmartPower Outlet DH, so they are running local now and not in the cloud.

Work Fine.

I am very happy for that!

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I can confirm these definitely repeat, I mapped my network with an Xbee.

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I bought these, but have trouble finding a device handler that actually works. Local execution is prefered.

I’ve tried these available DH’s:
SmartPower Outlet: reports current W draw, On/Off in the app doesn’t work. Execution Location: Local
SmartPower Outlet V1: does not work, reports no W draw, On/Off in the app doesn’t work. Execution Location: Local
ZigBee Switch Power: reports current W draw, On/Off in the app doesn’t work. Execution Location: Local

@Alwas, can you confirm that On/Off in the app is working for you using the SmartPower Outlet DH?

I’m using “Zigbee Switch Power”, I have 6 of these, the trick is when you include it, check immediately that on/off from the app works, and that physically turning on/off device updates in the app, if either doesn’t, delete and re-include until it does, I’ve found it can take 1 to 3 goes.

I’m curious how you got wattage reporting though, as I haven’t seen that working at all!

Didn’t do anything special, just added the thing and went into the IDE to try different DH’s. Here’s a screen shot from my IDE, feel free to compare Data & Firmware:

Will try your trick with deleting and re-pairing, thanks!