EU and US hub in same place--can one automation include devices from both hubs?

due to difference frequency of z-wave i may need to use two version hub. ie the gate use US z-wave the door use UK z-wave Can I set the command if I open the gate after 1 min open the door ?

The hubs are independent so therefore your devices will be independent of each other.

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Yup, two hubs = two completely independent locations in your ST mobile app that cannot communicate with each other.

Why do you need to use z-wave devices on both the US and UK/EU frequencies?

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You can have each hub set up as its own account or its own location, but they don’t share information. So in general, no, you can’t use a trigger from a device on the US hub to then start an event with the device on the UK hub. At least there’s no easy way to do it.

This is also true if you just have two UK hubs or two US hubs. Each of has its own devices and they don’t share information.

It’s not completely impossible, but getting it to work can be tricky, and may introduce additional delay which I am not sure will work in this situation.

This is similar to problems that people run into when they want to automate an outbuilding. Such as having a Contact sensor on a shed in the yard cause a light to come on in the house.

There is an article in the community – created wiki on how to automate an outbuilding which discusses some of the options for when you have two hubs. In particular, the webcore option should allow you to have your gate device trigger an event with your door lock, but again, it may be slow and it won’t be easy to set up. :disappointed_relieved:

All of that said, you should also be aware that Z wave frequencies are regional in part because different countries have different laws on what frequencies can be used for home automation. It’s not unusual for a country which allows the UK frequency to make the US frequency illegal for residential use, for example. This is usually because it would interfere with local frequencies used for mobile phones or ambulance communications. So just make sure you check the laws for your own location to make sure you are allowed to use both frequencies in the same home.

My country most of using UK things and I know using UK/EU hub it’s the best because i just bought the connect home pro ET-WV530 form ebay forgot the z-wave band :sweat_smile:

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One more question. Can through by IFTTT ? EU HUB >> IFTTT >> US HUB

This is covered in the article on how to automate an outbuilding. If you read that, you’ll see the different methods, including IFTTT, and what does and doesn’t work.

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Many Thanks.

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