etherRain 7p/8

Hey Everyone, I was hoping to find out how many etherRain users we have in the community. I did start building a device type, curious to see if I got enough support, I might be able to convince Jim (etherRain owner/developer) to help me finish things off.


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I’d be interested. I am currently using my EtherRain with Lawn Check, but would love to manage this through my hub if possible.

Any progress on this? I have EtherRain-8 too and would love to integrate it with ST

So, I was able to easily schedule and force the system on/cycle zones. But I got irritated at Groovy and walked away. Was not worth the effort for me. The biggest effort was reading and parsing through the “status” screen, to learn what zone was on, and what was remaining—and updating the mobile app accordingly.

I may revisit in the near future, as I finish up my degree—and have more time to burn.

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I know it’s been a while… But here’s to hope… Any chances of revisiting this? I have an etherrain gathering some dust…