Estimated Time of Arrival Device

Is anyone aware of a device that implements the Estimated Time of Arrival capability? I’d really like to implement something that pre-cools or heats my house when I’m on my way home. I’ve attempted to do this with the location trigger in IFTTT but haven’t found it to be sufficiently accurate for what I want it to do.

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I think something like this would be a great bonus to ST. I do know that stringify can do such a thing, I’ve seen recipes on their site which set a Nest ETA based upon leaving a GPS location after 5pm on a weekday. Might be a suitable alternative for you

SmartThings allows for multiple locations. You can pick a spot to when you want the HVAC to turn on. Then when your presence sensor arrives at that spot then you can use webCoRE to setup a rule.

I use this for when me or my wife is leaving work and there is a chore that one of us has to do. I also use it for when one of us is at Costco, Harris Teeter, Food Lion or Sams Club.

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Life360 lets you set up location points. Life360 connects to ST. We use this for our location services and not built in ST location services. Set one point along your trip to trigger a Core rule to adjust temp.