Essential: the Hipster Hub

Andy Rubin’s smartphone startup partners with Amazon, Best Buy for launch

Amazon invests in a lot of things. Let’s see what actually happens when it comes to launch.

Meanwhile, essential has lost three key executives since they got the word that sprint would be the only carrier signing up for the new phone: their UI team leader went to Google Home, their marketing director went to the company that just bought Wink, and the director of communications left without having another job lined up, which is a message in itself. :wink:

His empire is getting up there. Was over $90B a few days ago, but fell a little.


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All that and a crappy camera, too!

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uh oh! only 5,000 sold!

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and their hub… never heard anything further on it…

Yeah, almost a year later, crickets. :speak_no_evil:

Plus, it turns out that “essential home“ is a trademarked Housewares line from Sears/Kmart for really cheap washcloths, but also table lamps, heaters, fans, and other household electronics. So they might not have been able to use that name anyway, it could get complicated.



Uh oh…

One thing that does sound certain is that Essential’s second phone — at least as it was originally planned — isn’t going to happen. Bloomberg says the development was canceled and that engineers are now working on a smart home product, which is supposed to be released next year.

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“We are not shutting down the company,” he said, as well as, “I’m going to focus on winning and not whining.”

Yup - That’s exactly what a company that’s running out of money would say. :joy: :roll_eyes:

Say good bye to essential…

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The Essential Phone was first detailed in mid-2017, along with a smart hub called the Essential Home. The latter product never materialized…