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ESP8266 Smart Sprinkler System

Can someone tell me what power adapter to use for the R8?

Not sure if anyone is watching this thread, but I am having an issue adding the code to the LinkNode R8. I added it and was able to see it in wifi on my phone, but typed in credentials for my home wifi and it did not work. Since then, can’t get it to come on. Went into Arduino IDE and added the flashing code from LinkNode’s page and that worked as it should. Went into EasyESP and uploaded the BIN file to the LinkNode, and now it says it has completed, but the green light will stay on for 5-10 seconds, then just a red light on the LinkNode and nothing on wifi. Anyone have any idea??

Try older ESP8266 board version in arduino ide

How far back should I go?

I don’t remember however from Dan’s post in ST_Anything
“If using an ESP8266, make sure you are using v2.4.2 of the Arduino ESP8266 Board manager (v2.4/2.4.1 introduced a memory leak causing ST_Anythign to crash after an hour or two) along with Arduino IDE 1.8.8.”

I had to reset my setup recently as it stopped working and I’ve been running into an error with the smart app. After discovering the device, selecting it, hitting done, and hitting next, I see a blank page. Hitting save here results in “(!) error - bad state. Unable to complete page configuration.” Anyone else have this issue/ have a solution?

mine is working. the weather api is broken as of jan 1st 2019. but you can still use it normally.

esp8266 with - 4 - zone (anienhuis)
device handler - 4 zone(anienhuis)
smart app - irrigation scheduler(d8adrvn)
smart app - smart sprinkler discovery(anienhuis)

i did have to manually enter the smartthings hub ip in the ardurino ide to get it working.

anyone have a fix for virtual rain gauge?

irrigation scheduler uses getWeatherFeature. this api was deprecated.

def todaysWeather = getWeatherFeature("conditions", zipcode)
def todaysPrecip = (todaysWeather?.current_observation?.precip_today_in)

should be

 def todaysPrecip = getTwcConditions().precip24Hour

or something like that. anyone else working on this?

I will be working on this shortly again. I am having issues with getting it loaded onto my R8. What settings did you have in Arduino IDE as far as board, flash, etc?

read my post on April 20 2019.

i had to program my esp8266 with the ardruino ide and enter the ip address of my smart-things hub in the code. after that the code was able to detect the port for communicating. what does your serial monitor say? or what step you stuck on?

i have also forked anienhuis smart_sprinkler i have posted my progress there. i have got most of the weather api working except for the previous days weather. hopefully ill get some time this week to get that part working.

I can’t get the serial monitor to show anything. I will Get some screen shots in Arduino when I get home.

Where did you input your hub IP address?

line 86 is where you can manually enter the smartthings ip address. – 8-zone esp8266

after your esp8266 tried to connect it will update its settings. i’m not sure you really need to do that. as i programmed a second esp8266 and i never needed to do that.

what part are you getting stuck at? what does you serial monitor say when you reset it? i had lots of errors just to get it to the point of programming it. if you cant compile it in the ardurino ide share that error code. a lot of my compiling errors were from using the wrong libraries.

Did you ever get the past day info fixed?

Any idea how to wire up the transformer to the board and the common wires for the pump and valves? I just smoked a transformer for some reason…

Is there a hardware list and step by step instructions for this project. Possibly a video. I am fairly new to this. I have a 10 zone system I would like to convert to smart.

flashing firmware to default -
part 1 setting up the NodeMCU-
part 2 - setting up the smart apps

Does anyone have any insight on how to fully integrate the SmartSprinkler device with WebCoRE? I have created individual zones as virtual switches using the “Irrigation Virtual Switch Integration App” by @badgermanus. I also discovered I could use the main SmartSprinkler device to start individual zones in WebCore using If: ‘condition’, then, do: custom:RelayOn1.

My biggest problem is that if I turn on a zone using the virtual switch, the state of the virtual switch stays on after the zone has finished watering. If i turn on a zone directly from the SmartSprinkler device, the state of the zone is not reflected to the zone virtual switch.

In live logging, I see the turn on command (i.e: Executing ‘on,2’) show up when a zone starts, however, i don’t see anything in live logging or in the device events when the zone finishes. I would like to have the ability to send notifications when zones start and/or finish, log irrigation time data to a fuelstream, etc. If there any good way to link the virtual zone switches to the irrigation controller, or any expression that can be used in WebCoRE to turn off the virtual switch when the zone finished when run from the SmartSprinkler device?

Thanks in advance.

can’t you just set a timer in Webcore?