ESP8266 - Directly Connected - Wifi/Remote Firmware Update


I am using the st-device-sdk-c-ref SDK and I wanted to know if I could upload my firmware through wireless instead of having to connect my device with USB to update it?

I know there is a way by putting the new firmware file into a particular partition on the device and reboot it, but I am unsure of the procedure to do so?

  • How to upload the new formware to the proper partition remotely?
  • How to trigger a reboot after that?
  • How to monitor the firmware upgrade process?

any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

Hey @Phil1972

I believe that OTA Firmware updates would be useful for your project. Check the current OTA example for esp32 boards for a better reference.

Thanks Erick! I think this is what I was looking for! I will take a look.

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I have followed the instructions described, but button update on smartthings not available. How to trigger that?