ESP-01 ESP8266 relay x 4 setup


I have some noob questions.

First I will tell you what i have already done, or tried to do.

  1. tried to follow the ST_Anything setup by Ogiewon.
  2. installed the ST_anything libraries and sketches
  3. installed the esp8266 add-on in the board manager
  4. added the device handlers to the samsung ide
  5. added a new device (st_anything parent ethernet)

The first problem is that i can’t connect to the esp to upload a sketch. Although, i’m not even sure if i am supposed to upload a sketch to this type of board. Here is the board on amazon: esp01 4 relay

I have made some progress. when i save the settings for the device on the ST app, the blue light on the esp flashes once. that seems like i have connected to it in some way.

So here are my questions:

  1. can someone walk me through uploading a sketch to the board if that is possible/necessary?
  2. is there a simpler way to do this? the ST_anything code seems like it is very convenient for adding multiple devices. I only need to add this one device and to be able to send 8 simple HEX codes to it to control the relays.

Unfortunately , the board you’re trying to use is not compatible with ST_Anything. I believe it uses a serial communications protocol between the ESP01 and the board to control all 4 relays

You could use this board instead, which definitely works with ST_Anything, as I have one that I tested it on.

Note: this board does require a 5vdc power supply with a barrel connector. You also need a USB to 3.3v UART board to program it the first time. Afterwards you should be able to program it Over The Air (OTA).

Here is an example of a USB to UART board used to program and debug the Linksprite and other boards.

Straight from the Ogiewon himself. Darn. I thought maybe i could mess with the device handler to send out the HEX code somehow. but i know nothing. ah well. at least it was cheap. I will get the things you recommended. thank you sir!

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What is your use-case for these relays? There are other solutions that might work and be simpler to implement.

it would be taking the place of 3 (eventually 4) thermostats. I wanted to use various temp sensing devices in the house to control the relays to turn on the different heating zones.

Is there any chance that if the relays don’t run that your house’s pipes could freeze? Thermostats operate 100% locally for reliability. They are robust devices. I would personally not DIY a thermostat, especially when there are so many commercial options readily available.

I would never rely on SmartThings, a cloud based platform, for something as important as HVAC controls.

it is for our secondary hydronic floor heat. our primary heat is forced air. we are in GA so there is almost no danger of freezing pipes

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Do you have any temperature/pressure control over the hydronic floor heater’s fluid (I guess you are using just water.)? You should consider the other worse case scenario, when the relay would not switch off. Can you make your pipes burst, because your system would overheat?

Nah, it can run indefinitely. Temp is set to 140F Max.