eSIM and presence sensing

Interesting issue… I was using my IPhone XS with a physical SIM as a presence sensor. It worked about 90% of the time, which I gather is pretty good. Yesterday I contacted Verizon and converted my account to use the eSIM so that I could install a physical SIM when traveling overseas. After doing this, my phone quit working as a presence sensor. I figured it was due to the SIM change, so I deleted my phone from SmartThings using the app and then tried to add it back. No luck. I keep getting the message “You cannot set up a device without cellular service as a mobile presence device”. I’m using the Classic app on my iPhone.

Any thoughts on how to address this?

Just as a datapoint, the wife and I have Pixel phones with Fi so there’s no physical SIM, and the app works fine.

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Thanks! Just tried from an area with stronger cell coverage and it worked! Guess I just didn’t have a strong enough signal.