ESI motor controllers

Has anyone dinked with either of these bad boys?
ESI DC motor controller
ESI AC motor controller

The cool thing here is that the directional control is already built in.
The DC version could run small linear actuators, and or any number of other things.
A few diodes here and there and it would work as a two channel relay controller…

I’m looking into these to run Hunter Douglas hardwired DC drapery motors directly.
It’s a bit odd that this company is owned by Hunter Douglas, and yet they don’t use these in their residential product line…

This would be a very useful addition, especially where the Somfy ZRTSI z-wave bridge does not yet have an integration with SmartThings (for those of us using Somfy shade motors). Not to mention that the ESI devices are much more affordable. Thanks for the great suggestion.


$217! zoiks!

Id rather build something myself with the ThingShield

Sure, I get that, however not everyone has those skills, and I’d venture that even with discounting your own labor you would have more into it than the asking price…

These can be had for under $150 on eBay: