Error when making 'commit' to github

Has anyone else seen this error when trying to upload updates to github via ST?

It seems to upload OK but I’m getting this error every time now.

Support were NO help at all - All I got from them is (after waiting a couple of days for the reply)
‘Github integration is not supported in the UK’

REALLY helpful!

Same. I’ve gotten the error too.

are you in the UK too?

No, the US

Submitted this to support about 2 weeks ago. After a lot of back and forth I received the following:

“Thank you for getting back to me. I went ahead and escalated this ticket to our engineers over the weekend for them to look at. They have gotten back to me and told me the issue has been corrected. Please try publishing your SmartApp once more and let me know if you continue running into this error message. Thank you!”

Since that time I’ve not encountered the error again. However, I responded on my support ticket with a link to this thread.

So… not just a UK thing that they don’t support!

Thanks for letting me know guys

Received the following response. If it helps my ticket number was #448523 and the agent is Jake K.
Jake (SmartThings)

Nov 29, 10:11 AM MST

Hi Arn,

Thanks for reaching back out and letting us know!

That user will need to reach out to support and we’ll get him taken care of.