Error when connecting Leviton WiFi switches

Following the script, I set up the DW15S switches with My Leviton. no problem. then when trying to add the switches to ST, I get to the step where I link to my Leviton account. When I give it the name and password (which works with My Leviton), I get back:
[“error”:true,“type”:“groovy.lang.MissingMethodException”,“message”:“an unexpected error occured.”}
Is there a way to find out what is broken?

This is an officially supported device, but pretty new, so I would get in touch with support and let them look at it:

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I have 42 of these wi-fi devices. I can get them to work perfectly in the Leviton app. When I enter the password the apps connect with each other fine. Smart things recognizes all the devices… however

If I add all 42 it fails

If I add 10 or 15 they work, however when I go back to add more, it then won’t recognize the others. I’ve tried between 10 and 25 with the same result, meaning smart thing will accept 25, but if you start with 10, you can Mt come back and add the next 15

Please advise if you’ve seen this. I’ve spoken with smart things with no luck. They won’t advise until all the service advisories are cleared.

I can’t find a limit of devise count (except 300) for either app.