Error trying to send data to influxDB at Corlysis

I’m trying to use the influxDB logger to send the data into a database. I have swapped to the section using an internet based DB so it will send the Auth string. I’m getting this error in the IDE:
postToInfluxDB(): Something went wrong when posting: Bad Request
The debug is this:
postToInfluxDB(): Posting data to InfluxDB: Host:, Port: 8086, Database: CabinHUB, Data: [switch,deviceId=c18509c3-dd71-4008-a26b-268900d4f684,deviceName=CS\ Blower,groupId=0b482b2d-dc0c-4944-81d3-cd0f9cbaff98,groupName=Basement,hubId=XXXXXXXX-61ad-466b-ae0e-47926c0cXXXX,hubName=Cabin\ H\ Hub,locationId=xxxxxxx-037f-4952-9068-xxxxxxxxxxx,locationName=Cabin\ H,unit=switch value=“off”,valueBinary=0i]
The data string seems OK because if I do the insert from a command line using that string at the data load, it works. So I think the problem may be in something prior to the data.
I know I’m getting to the server because if I missmatch the SSL and port, I get a connection error. I don’t think I’m making it to the auth because if I misstype the user or password, the error doesn’t change.

What I need to know is how can I see the real full string that is being output? All I’m getting is the data payload. I don’t even come close to understand groovy so don’t get too deep lol.
I’m thinking maybe if I could get the debug to output the full URL?
Back in the batch programming days a simple Print statement would do…


The max series per database exceeded error occurs when a write causes the number of [series] in a database to exceed the maximum allowable series per database. The maximum allowable series per database is controlled by the max-series-per-database setting in the [data] section of the configuration file.

Thanks @Halley but I think you meant this post for a different thread. I’m not getting that error. My error is a Bad request.

I’m trying to figure out how to have the DEBUG output the actual full HTML string.