Error Saving Page - SmartApps (All Apps) - iOS SmartThings (Classic) (23 August 2019)

I currently use SmartThings in my job and haven’t had an issue until a few days ago. I mainly use the iPhone app for SmartThings (Classic).

As of a few days ago, I can’t make modifications to SmartApps that are attached to my devices. When I go to My Home, then SmartApps, and try to select 1 of the SmartApps it gives me a ‘Error saving Page’ when trying to get into that SmartApp. This happens on all of my SmartApps.

When I am logged into Smartthings to do Live Logging, it gives no details.

I can go to the Automation tab in the iOS app and edit SmartApps from there. I’ve also power cycled my Hub, just to make sure.

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Try after a while, sound like the the platform instance your apps/devices are running may be running slow or having load issues. I think ST may be aware of it but it persists let support know.

This is assuming there are no issues with the device handler or the smartapp itself and was working fine earlier. You could also open the IDE and check the Live Logs to see if there are any errors there while saving it.

Is NOT your hub, it appears that is something broken between the mobile app (cloud) and your hub. I have experienced the same issue since yesterday. I was surprised that
status page has not been updated, they are usually pretty good (lately) at making these kind of outages public. Perhaps being an issue with the Classic app, is not receiving the same “love” anymore.

UPDATE…the problems I was experiencing yesterday seem to be fine now

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The Live Logs don’t give me any, its like it doesn’t even register when I try to select the SmartApp from the My Home page.

@HA_fanatic - No love being shown to the classic sounds like a good bet. We don’t want to move over to the new one, because then we will have to repair all of our devices… Not a fun undertaking ;(

I believe there’s a validation error causing this. Do you have required fields in the SmartApp that aren’t set?

What do you mean by “repair all of our devices”? This shouldn’t be something you need to do.


I mean the new SmartThings App. We are logged into the account for it and I see the Automations, but it wants me to Add New Devices. I don’t have any of my current devices on the new App.

Click on the three bars in the upper left of the screen. Then check if there are two Home Locations and select/change to the other Location.

It’s a syncing issue. I’ll follow up via

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