Error Messages:

my smartapp used to work fine until today.
Now I’m getting Received fatal alert: handshake_failure

error messages.

I use smappee API, and I have tested that the smappee API work great from their side. I can perform OAuth 2.0 authentication and perform GET requests normally, but the smartapp does not work.

When I’m trying to install the smartapp from scratch, in the receivetoken phase, I’m getting this error instead.

Is it something changed on ST?
Can you please assist?

Some parts of the code that I’m getting the errors are:

def tokenParams = [
        grant_type  : "authorization_code",
        code        : state.sampleAccessCode,
        client_id   : clientId,
        client_secret: clientSecret,
        redirect_uri: "${state.accessToken}/smartapps/installations/${}/receiveToken"

def tokenUrl = "${toQueryString(tokenParams)}"
log.debug "url to get tokens: $tokenUrl"
try {
    httpGet(uri: tokenUrl) { resp ->  #generate error.


  def deviceLocationsParams = [
            uri: "",
            path: "/dev/v1/servicelocation",
            headers: ["Authorization": "Bearer ${state.authToken}"]

    httpGet(deviceLocationsParams) { resp ->   #generate error.


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You may want to check your server and what handshake protocols it uses. It should use TLS 1.2 or TLS 1.1 only which is what is supported by ST at this time.

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Is there any workaround from ST side?

The only thing you can do is provide a list of protocols for ST to use (SSL 3.0, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2) (which I believe are all enabled by default). The rest is up to your server side.