Error Checking User App Input

(Jim W) #1

I did a few searches and couldn’t find any information on this, so I apologize if I’m missing any resources.

I would like to validate user input to ensure that the data entered is what I’m expecting. Is there a way to validate user input on the fly and have the app refuse to install until any issues are fixed?

For example, lets say I have two numerical inputs from a user, which needs to be 0-99. The second requirement is the second number has to be bigger than the first number.

And if performing this check is possible, how do I feed back to the user what is failing validation?

(Mike Maxwell) #2

you could probably pull this off using dynamic pages, success going to the next logical step, error going to the error page with error highlighting/messages and fields to re-enter the data.
Note that I didn’t say this was going to be easy to implement…

(Geko) #3

No, there isn’t any “on the fly”, AFAIK. However, you could validate the inputs after the the user taps ‘Next’ and redirect her to a dynamic page that notifies the user about validation error and then redirects back to the input page.

Darn it, @Mike_Maxwell beat me to it. :smile:

(Jim W) #4

Thank you both for the advice. I learned a lot more about dynamic pages last night and I have an idea of how I want to move forward. It’s nice being able to give users of an app options, but at the same time the app needs to gracefully handle bad input. :smile: