Erratic behavior

Starting about an hour ago, I started having really erratic behavior from my normally pretty stable mobile app. Switches not reporting the correct state, some switch operation lagging by 30-45 seconds or more, and some just not working at all. Anyone else? Or is it just me?

I don’t think we got any reports for anything like this. Did it resolve itself?

Most of it seems to have resolved. I’m left with one switch that works but always reports on and another switch that just won’t work. I need to exclude and add them back and see if that fixes it. Everything else seems to be working. Glitch in the matrix I guess.

I have had that occur as well. Including presence sensors (phones) keep changing even when no one is coming.going.

I had a very similar situation over the weekend and yesterday. Pretty much the same as the OP pointed out for me. Yesterday, I was chatting with support and we found 3 things that were dropped off. It was suggested to try the air gap trick first which did not work for 3 things. So I had to remove and re-add. After I did this my system was in complete disarray. Sent an email to support last night. It seems to have settled down and i was finally able to run a successful z-wave repair this morning.