Err 113: Not reporting switch status: What does this mean?

Err 113: Not reporting switch status: What does this mean?

Hello, what does this error mean?

How can I troubleshoot this error? What switch is not reporting status? How can I tell for which device this error is being reported from?

I get this error after a reboot of the HUB.

This usually means that one of your Z wave devices did not reconnect after the reboot.

You can just get in touch with and they should be able to help.

If you want to try something yourself, reboot the hub and then run a Z wave repair utility. That should tell you which device is having the problem.

Hi @professordave,

After you contact support I’d be curious to hear what they tell you. I had the exact same question to them 3 months ago, and here’s what they told me:

Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out to us.
It is not easily identifiable via those error messages, unfortunately.
Have you tried a Z-Wave Repair from the IDE to see if any of the devices do not respond? I would be willing to say that it has to do with a Z-Wave device with switching capabilities.
Would you mind if I took a look at things from my end? I’ll just need your permission to do so and the email address associated with your SmartThings account.


SmartThings Support

It turned out that I did eventually have a GE switch die, but I found that out a different way. You’d think if this type of error was caught that the device ID or some other form of identification could be captured.



I completely forgot that I had this issue way back in June. The issue went away for awhile and just came back.

I am able to run zwave repair and get NO errors in the IDE logs.

But every time I reboot the hub, this error is now showing.

/// support answer ////
Sep 21, 11:25 AM MST

Hello Dave,

Thank you for contacting SmartThings, I’ll be happy to assist. I apologize for the mix up, this could be an initial time-out error for a device before it’s routed through a Repeater device in order to communicate with the Hub. If you can, go ahead and send a manual command to each of your switches to make sure they’re working properly. If you notice any of your switches not responding please let me know which one and what the make/model of the switch is and I’ll be happy to assist. Have a great day!