Erased personal data

Ive managed to delete my personal data using the new smarthings app. Now when I open the app there’s no devices, locations or nothing. My devices still seem to be connected to the hub and the routines/automations are working but in the app there is nothing and tells me I need to add an hub.

Ive gone to the smarthings IDE and checked and its the same there ,no hubs or locations and all my device handlers have gone.

I do have a backup of the personal data which is stored on my phone. Is it possible to restore from this or does anyone have any idea how to get my devices and automations back or do I pretty much have to reset the hub and re-add it starting again?


Another user did the same thing a few months ago. ST needs to change the wording on that settings because it deletes everything. You may want to contact ST support first and report the incident but I basically believe you have to start all over again… connect the hub and start again adding the devices and everything else.

Contact ST support first before doing anything.

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Just for reference:

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