Envisalink v4 Ademco Integration

Hey guys, just trying to figure out if these are compatible and what the latest integration method is.

Check out this thread:
[RELEASE] Honeywell / Ademco Vista 20P Integration - SmartApps & Automations / Community Created SmartApps - SmartThings Community

i will have a look at that one, wow that’s a huge thread … I just cancelled my Total Connect as i didn’t want to pay $35 a month to monitor. Bought the Envisalink to self monitor. Thanks Nathan.

Hi @xman111, here’s another solution which I am currently using:

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John, inwasnt able to chexk, the Honeywell and DSC implementations are slightly different. does that build support Honeywell? (Ademco)

I hate these old 300 page threads where you have to sift through everything to figure out what applies, what doesn’t, what’s new info, what’s outdated. I appreciate everything but it would sure be nice if there was native support, not having to be a code breaker trying to sort everything out. Thanks guys.

My read on it - if oyu have an ademco panel - look for the first post in the build I posted. It has instructions for installing from 'redloro’s repository. What I understand he has the latest build using an ademco panel and Redloro’s build has the modifications to support the new smartthings app.

I use a DSC panel with my EVL4, same concept but I use a different build with DSC support and support for newapp

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Yup, that’s what I use for my hardwired system. The DTH works with the new app, but probably should be updated.

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Thanks guys, will have a look this weekend, appreciate the insight.

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