Enough negative - lets talk some positive on 2.0

I do like SHM. It made setting up my contact sensors and water sensors much easier.

I also really like the focus on routines. It has made configuring automations a bit more clear. I am trying to only use routines so I can easily go to one place for everything.

I do hope more options are added to routines ( rule builder) and video support is greatly expanded.

I migrated my things to hub 2 (35 devices) in about 2-3 hours. Was not really that bad.

I am anxious to see SmartThings get back to early days when it was constant work on new devices and the monthly app release cycle. small but frequent releases!!


I second this. With v2 finally out the door, I think (read: hope) that this becomes the case. The pieces should now be in place to help. :pray:


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I agree with everything you said. My migration (about 20-25 devices) probably took the same amount of time all together. I am still not done setting everything up but that’s just because I want to think about how I want everything to work.
I too love SHM and hope they put alot more into it. It was easy to setup and for me it just works. It has some things missing that I would like to see and would help people in other situations.

I also agree that hopefully now that V2 is out they can get back to focusing on more stability.

Had mine for a week and am loving mine, can’t compare to V1 since I don’t own one, but I migrated from Almond Plus due to the lack of promised features and actual automation! Migration was pretty smooth and all devices were discovered pretty instantaneously, also was able to reuse some of the Securifi sensors thanks to the awesome community support…

SHM has been working fine for me so far and I am adding more sensors as time goes… There are occasional lags in the app with loading screens but am not experiencing that with actual device commands with all of them being pretty instantaneous. Not sure if that will change as more people migrate and servers get overloaded…

App UI could be made much more intuitive if there was a away to list(current room-things view) but also bring back the previous tile view and leave both as options for the end user to choose… I am more of a visual guy and prefer to give unique icons to each thing (which is broken) and identity them based on that in a tile fashion than reading a things name to figure out what it is…But another user might be the other way around hence I think there is demand for both views to co-exist together!

Would love to get Sono’s type notification integration via BT through a BT speaker since the cost is heck of a lot cheaper than buying Sonos devices(given that v2 has BT radio). And a monthly release cycle with some kinda road-map would be fantastic once things kinda start stabilizing with new accounts, support and such.

Kudos to the team on release…