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Enhanced Z-wave garage door opener code (for Linear GD00Z and variants)


(Ryan Murphy) #168

Hi all,

I’m using gouldner : RG Linear GD00Z Garage Door Opener - V2 for my garage door but it seems like it disconnects but not really disconnected. The device shows in my list and it posts a status but when I trigger a an open command, it just says Opening… but doesn’t actually do anything. This had happened before some time earlier in the year and I want to say that I had to put my hub in discovery mode and click the button on the device on my garage to recognize it again. Does this mean there’s an issue with my hardware or should I be using a different device handler?

(Alexander Ng) #169

I had the same but with 2 units and they exhibited the same issue both at the same time which was strange. I’d press the open/close from the app or thru GH and the units would beep as if opening but the doors would not open. I called Nortek and they asked if I tried repairing them, pressing the button on the unit as you did, this is suppose to reset it and repair but no luck. Nortek had me do it again while on the phone. At the end Nortek RMA’ed it and sent me 2 brand new units, including all the hardware and open/close sensor. The new unit box was different that the one I bought originally. New one says Z Wave Plus not sure if the old one is Z Wave Plus. From other posts I read and Nortek they said there’s some sort of module in the door openers that fails. Give Nortek a call right away they will check if you’re still covered under warranty.btw I’m running the same V2 DTH and I believe you have to pay for the shipping the unit back to Nortek but they pay for shipping back to you

(Ryan Murphy) #170

I was hoping it wasn’t something like this. I bought the Iris version but not directly from Lowes, but from a reseller on eBay (who’s account appears to have been deactivated, of course now that I check it) so it looks like I’m SOL. :angry:

(Alexander Ng) #171

Does Lowe’s still sell them? Tell them you loss your receipt and take a store credit.

(Stuart Feldman) #172

Hello there -

@Ron, I have been trying to get this code to work with the IFTTT app so I can trigger the garage to open based on location. No matter what version of the code I use (i am currently using v2 of the code) the switch for the garage doors never shows up on my IFTTT account app or web page. I have refreshed the Mesh of the Z-Wave network. The code works from within the SmartThings app, but not through IFTTT.
I am using the GoControl Version of the opener connected to a V3 version of the Smasung SmartThings hub.
Thank you for any help to get this to work properly.

Follow up -
I edited the authorizations within the SmartThings Applet connection to IFTTT and checked the Garage door switch I added.

When I run the check applet, it does not appear to work, and it does not work when arriving home.

(Ron) #173

If the code works in the app as a switch then the device handler is working. I can’t tell you why IFTTT app doesn’t recognize it. Don’t really know how I can help. I personally don’t use IFTTT because I found it too unresponsive. Sometimes it would even complete a command much later. So I stopped using it.

Can you auth it in another app that looks for switches?
Amazon Alexa, Google, Smart Switch?

Lastly you could maybe create a virtual switch and use that in IFTTT.
Then create a smart rule when virtual switch is turned on open garage when turned off close. That would separate the switch from the device You could test the switch works with IFTTT and once it does just add the rule to open/close the garage.


my Linear GD00Z-4 GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener using this device handler was working fine until yesterday when i get notifications its open when its actually closed.

im using the IDLE GARAGE DOOR APP as well.

anybody else having this problem?

(YankeeJohnboy) #175

While I’m definitely not discounting the possibility of ST having a hiccup, I got this type of error a while back when the battery in my tilt sensor gave out. After replacing the battery and re-syncing, it was back to live action.


thanks… will have to check mine…

(Amauri Viguera) #177

Yeah that’s fairly common when you start seeing the status as “Unknown” or incorrect.

I do believe that you have to be quick about the battery change if it is finicky though. There’s a chance that the opener and the sensor will get completely out of sync if the battery dies and you’ll have to re-pair it.

Always fun having to move cars and climb ladders in the garage to go hit a little button.


oh no… hopefully im not too late if this is the case… but just in case where would i find a write up on how to re-pair the sensor and the opener?

(Amauri Viguera) #179

It’s a common enough problem that there are threads going back years with instructions and caveats. It’s not that big of a deal like I said, other than the fact that you have to hit a button on the unit which you most likely mounted WAY up there in the ceiling… :slight_smile:


i needed to re-pair. now i am able to close and open the garage door via ST APP.

however, with the IDLE GARAGE DOOR app (garage door closes when its left open) i get notifications that its still open and should close the garage door when their is motion sensor activity BUT its not closing the garage door!

i think im a step closer (better than yesterday) but am not sure if this is the ST HUB or what else?

p.s. ive also deleted previous settings i had on the IDLE GARAGE DOOR and recreated it but the same thing, i only get a prompt that its open, i’d check on ST APP if indeed the garage door is open which is indeed open, and also physically check that the garage door is open. so, all are TRUE.

(Amauri Viguera) #181

Have you looked in the logs to see if the command is actually being sent to the door to close and the door is just ignoring it?

I’m not using the app myself so I don’t know how it works.


Just gave up on the app (idle garage door). Found a webcore piston and just modified it to fit my needs.

(Amauri Viguera) #183

That’s what I’ve been using… I have a piston that turns on the garage lights if the garage door state changes, or if there’s motion in the garage, and turns them off after a while.

I think I have another one that sends a notification if the doors appear to remain open for a while, just as a reminder.

(Curtis Frazier) #184

Anyone having an issue with the state of the door not updating? Mine does not seem to update at the frequency it should. It always knows the status if I go in and refresh it.

(Nathan Curtis) #185

Either your sensor batteries are low or you have a signal issue from the opener to the hub. My bet is the battery if it was working and now isn’t.


agree… looks like same issues i had earlier. replacing the battery fixed the issues i had.

(Curtis Frazier) #187

I will give that a try, but it’s just odd it will show the correct status whenever I hit refresh.