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Enhanced Z-wave garage door opener code (for Linear GD00Z and variants)



hello everyone.

im still going through the posts but had to jump ahead and ask if this DEVICE HANDLER has a notification feature where if the garage door has been open for xxx minutes/hours??

we have a new kid driving and we do not trust him able to remember closing the garage door hence my plan of getting the Z-WAVE garage door opener instead of just a garage remote.

thanks for the reply… ill go back up to the previous posts now.

(Nathan Curtis) #147

The function you ask about. Isn’t generally a feature of a device handler. Think of a device handler similar to a device driver. It tells the system how to communicate with a particular device and abstracts the uniqueness of that device so the system can ‘handle’ it.

Now once you handle the device you will want to do things with your device. You can use built-in functionality, in this case possibly a routine that says when this person leaves (kid with ST installed on phone as presence sensor) do this thing.(close garage door). Or you could use a smart app to autoclose the door (search for Rboy, garage door) other you could go totally DIY and roll your own with WebCoRE. (a piston that does exactly what you ask isn’t very difficult to write.)

Orrrr you could do it the old fashioned way and take the keys away for a week when he does it. :slight_smile:

Good luck

(YankeeJohnboy) #148

Following what @nathancu advised… I have been using Idle Garage Door for over a year now, and it does basically what you’re after. We have ours setup to auto-close when one of us leaves (through native ST triggers), and to warn us (once) if it’s been open 15 minutes (through the app).


I wrote the Idle Garage Door smartapp ( [RELEASE] Idle Garage Door ) to do just what you’re after. It uses a garage door opener and a motion sensor to determine whether the garage should go down after a period of time. I might tweak it later this week to add notifications if the door didn’t go down after the command has been issued (if something’s blocking it for instance).


ecstatic. just ordered the GOCONTROL garage opener.

so this means id have to also get a motion sensor for your smartapp to work? now, this will be a task to ponder on. ive used a smartthings, fibaro, and a gocontrol motion sensor but im not really convinced im super happy using them especially the smartthings motion sensor which drains its battery faster.

any suggestions on a motion sensor that works best on your smart app?


Any motion sensor you like will work. I have a plugged in Aeotec Motion Sensor 6 (or 5) that’s worked flawlessly. The motion detector is used to determine if someone’s using the garage, so it won’t close on you as you approach the garage, are trying to leave, you’re coming and going a lot, etc. After the last motion event, the timer starts :wink:


thanks. looks like ideal placement with somewhere in the middle of the garage?


Not really. Mines is at the back of the garage, mounted about a foot higher than the light switch, pointed at the doors itself. That way it has as much visibility of the garage and who might be coming or going.


thanks. ill do the same thing. middle of the back of the garage…


i just installed all the essentials for this smartapp to work. fibaro motion sensor and a linear garage door controller.

problem is, the smartapp is detecting my fibaro motion sensor but not the garage door opener.

i am using a custom device handler that is discussed on this thread for the linear garage door opener.

i added my linear garage opener as a thing by having it manually detected and not manually, would this make any difference?


Looks like the code for this is defining a “Door Control”, and not a “Garage Door Control” which my app is looking for. I believe the author needs to extend that capability, which from the docs look to be the same:


I’ll look at this a bit more tonight. Might just be a 1 line change of adding the capability to the top of the file.


changing the device handler to this

seemed to work. my garage door magically appeared! or my opening and closing the garage door might have synced it with your app?

however, 10 minutes have elapsed (default time) and no motion has been detected and my garage door is not closing?


Any luck? (10 chars)


Oh sorry i thought i left an update.

I tested it once when i got home from work and it did close after no motion was detected.

Wonder if I’m able to revise the text sent for push notification


When I get a spare minute I’ll make that customizable. :slight_smile:

(John Martin) #164

I’m trying to be able to open and close my garage door with my google home. I installed this and it appears that my device is the new type as outlined, and my GH says that it’s Activating or Turning On “Garage” but it doesn’t actually do anything.

I can confirm that the Type is My Z-Wave Garage Door Opener. Should the device have noticably changed in the phone app or on the web hub?

EDIT: I tried setting this up with IFTTT and I get the same deal. I have authorized IFTTT to control my Garage Door that shows as a Switch and my Garage Door that shows as a Contact Sensor. When I’m in ST, I see the the following Current States:

  • switch: off
  • contact: closed
  • door: closed

I take that to mean that if I set IFTTT to turn on my garage door switch when I tell my GH to “Open the garage door” that an ON switch is equal to an OPEN garage door. However, when I tried that, it does the same thing as without IFTTT or the enhanced My Z-Wave Garage Door Opener device type.

(Ron) #165

Try my device handler. The one your using isn’t supporting “On” and "Off"

If installed correctly it should show up as “RG Linear GD00Z Garage Door Opener - V2”

One Note on this version it has a preference for “Enable Switch Capability” but I have not implemented the preference yet. So it’s hard coded to support switch as On=Open and Off=Close.

If you don’t like that you can either change the code (just look for the On and Off Methods and change them to call open and close as you wish. Or you can bug me to implement the preference :slight_smile:

(Frak) #166

Hi Ron. Your code worked for me. I can now tell google to open/close the Garage Door.
Thank you for providing this device handler and for your support in this forum. I really appreciate it!

(John Martin) #167

You give me too much credit…I wish i remembered how the hell to do all of this to update the device handler. Okay, so I went to what I had, deleted the existing code, pasted yours in, clicked save and then publish. It appears to have changed the name. Is that really all I had to do? Sorry, I know this answer is out there, but I’ve had a long week and am enjoying a bourbon while I fix this and test out a new d-link camera I picked up on the cheap.