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Enhanced Z-wave garage door opener code (for Linear GD00Z and variants)


(Simon Walker) #122

Has there been any updates to this handler?
I have issues making the switch work as well.
Even trying to use the switch inside a Routine in SmartThings does not trigger the door to open or close.
The device itself is working and can open and close from the Things page, its just the switch part.
Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

(Ron) #123

You can try my updated version if you like. Should work fine as a switch.

I am having an issue with this DH and my GD00Z which prevents me from opening the settings menu so you can ignore the setting for enabling the switch. It doesn’t work yet. The switch is currently always enabled. You can always disable it by commenting out the code in the on and off methods.

(Weston T Turner) #124


Thanks so much for investing your time to help others make their lives easier. I have been using your dth very happily over the last 6-8 months.

I have on question that I hope you can help me out with and it involves the usage of the dth you have given with alexa voice commands.

Do you know of a way that i can say “Alexa, open/ close the garage door” without using ask alexa (because I don’t like having to use an invocation name)?

I Always get the “garage door doesn’t support that” from alexa when trying to use the open/ close command.

Thank you for your response ahead of time.


If you create a routine within the Alexa app you can choose the phrase you’d like and it would turn on/off (open/close) the garage door, which is a switch to Alexa.

(Weston T Turner) #126

Awesome. Thank you for that response. Worked perfectly.

Apparently I didn’t test that one enough before I posted.

Thank you Soo much!!

(Ron) #127

He beat me to it. Haha glad you have your solution!

(yusuf) #128

Hey all,

So I did the steps in the first post.

How do I get this to work with google home as to where I can say turn on the garage.

Do I have to go to IFTTT and create and Applet after this or can I just say ok google turn on my gaarge?

When I say google just says ok turning on garage but nothing happens.


You should be able to say turn on/off the garage door without issue, but I created two shorcuts for open and close to a phrase I would use. If it’s not working with turn on/off something probably is not configured correctly, I just tried it myself and it’s working correctly. Could you share pic of the device in the IDE to confirm you switch the DH successfully? Or list the steps you took to see if you may have missed something by mistake.

(yusuf) #130

okay, so when i say ok google turn on my garage door.

If I open smart things and go to garage door then check under recents it says google sent on command to garage door. So not sure why it is not opening



If you open/close using the SmartThings app is it working properly?

(yusuf) #132

Yup, if I click, open it opens and if I click close it closes.

Edit: I used the code from the first post.

(yusuf) #134

Can you share your code? Maybe I can use the one you are using and it may work?

(yusuf) #135

Is this how the events are supposed to look? I notice the google voice commands are missing the name?

(yusuf) #139

@Ron Any ideas why the google commad isn’t actually opening the door.

It’s weird that I can see the command sent under Recently.


(Ron) #140

Not really, not enough details on what your did to set up.
What DH are you using?
If you are using mine then do you see the debug comment in the live log?
You should see “on() was called treat this like Open” or “off() was called treat like Close”.
Does the Garage Open/Close if you use the switch icon in the DH (Again if you are using mine) ?


The code is on the github, I have a link to it. Please use! :slight_smile:

(yusuf) #142

So I followed these instructions:

To use: go to the ide, create a new device type, from code, copy this code in, save, publish->for me, then edit your garage door device to use this type (my z-wave garage door opener) instead of “z-wave garage door opener”.

I didn’t do anything else. Am I supposed to?

Attached is what happens when I say ok google turn on my big garage door and also when I say turn off my big garage door.

(Ron) #143


Based on your last post you are not using my DH. The name is not “my z-wave garage door opener” it is “RG Linear GD00Z Garage Door Opener - V2”. Based on the name you provide you are using Garyd9 version and if you look in that version on/off are ignored.

Switch to my DH and it should start working for you.

(yusuf) #144

Thank You!

That worked. Thank You.

So now I can use IFTTT and actually change it top say ok google open my garage door?

(Ron) #145

Keep in mind someone can also yell “OK, google open my garage door” from outside and it might open.