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Enhanced Z-wave garage door opener code (for Linear GD00Z and variants)


(Mark) #101

Good news. ST routine worked with My Enhanced z-wave device (modified with capability “Garage Door Control”). Iwas able open/close garage door plus lock/unlock garage man door Kwikset lock and turn light on using motion detection sensing. Sweet.

@garyd9 I think the next step is to see if the “My Enhanced z-wave device” device can be eliminated However since this a lot of work (especially if I have to recreate everything back to my now working routine setup) and you wrote your “My Enhanced z-wave device” to overcome problems with the GD00Z talking to the door position sensor, what is the likelihood that what I am proposing will work. In other words is it likely that the ST “Z-wave Garage Door Opener” device type will work with the door location sensor as it seems this is what you were trying to fix in the first place.

Proposed test(not 1005 sure if this order of operation is correct).

  1. Exclude the GD00Z
  2. Remove “My Enhanced z-wave device”
  3. Re-connect GD00Z under Safety & Security, Garage doors.
  4. In ST device editor change device type to “Z-wave Garage Door Opener” if not already assigned.
  5. Try to setup routine again and test.

If this works it would eliminate the need for a special device, sorry @garyd9. But could simplify the whole process plus reveal an undocumented feature. Either way this is a good thing.

(Benji) #102

So I got the GD00Z-4 hooked up last night and it’s great… except that annoying beep and delay that’s faaaaaar too long. I’m sure there is a building code that requires it somewhere although personally I don’t see how it’s any different from a remote button press…

Is there any way to disable or perhaps reduce it to two beeps/flash and then open/close?

(Ben Lebson) #103

Not that I know of, it’s required for the UL listing for a remotely operated garage door opener from what I have heard.


It’s different because the assumption is that the network garage door openers may operate in what UL calls “unattended mode,” meaning on a timer, or with the person away at the office and not really having any idea of what’s happening in the garage.

We’ve already had some community members with nonUL devices report damage to car trunks because one family member had the car parked in a way where it was in the downward path of the Door, but the tires were not blocking the obstruction beams, so someone at the office got the notification that the door was open, hit the close, the door came down and hit the car trunk that was sticking out. It went back up again, but it did hit.

The timing on the beep is supposed to be long enough that a person in the garage could hit the wall button or the handheld remote in the car.

Or at least get out-of-the-way if they were bending over the trunk unloading groceries as the door started to come down.

(Benji) #105

I get it… it’s just… excessive, would be nice if there were a feature (even a hidden one) to change it.

(Gary D) #106

If someone else wants to take over this garage door device type, feel free. I won’t be supporting it any longer.

(Hemanshu Patel) #107


thank you for the device type.

Did anyone have problem is “unknon state”?
Device detection worked fine, ST sees it, I also did manual on/off few times, waited between those on/off for a min or more, but still the device status says unknown.

Anyone has any idea for how to make it work?

(Dave) #108

Quick (hopefully easy) question:

I have an Aeon Labs Minimote that I’m trying to get to serve as a garage door opener for my GD00Z. I’ve used @garyd9’s code and everything works in terms of presence detection (I mapped it to my “I’m Back!” and “Goodbye!” routines). But when I try to map an open or close command (or a routine) to the buttons using the Button Controller SmartApp, it fails to open and close the garage doors. Batteries are fresh, the ST app (iOS) opens and closes the doors fine, and I’m getting push notifications that the button was pressed. Any suggestions or directions you can point me in? I feel like I’ve scoured the community for answers and haven’t found anything on my own after 8 hours…

(Jon) #109

Does anyone know if this device type allows you to use it in IFTTT? I would like for it to have Google Home tell me if the garage door is opening.

(Ron) #110

It should, I just checked IFTTT and “Opened” and “Closed” are triggers.

How do you get IFTTT to make Google Home Talk ? I was just researching that yesterday and found mostly posts saying it wasn’t possible and that it worked like the Amazon Echo and can’t speak without being triggered by the user. I know this isn’t true because I have a HASS instance installed in my HOME and it can make the Google Home Talk, but I didn’t see a way to make IFTTT issue a speech request to GH.


Thanks for this code. I installed this and everything works fine except creating routines. The opener works fine when I click on it in the “Things” tab, but if I try to create a routine or activate it from Google Home it won’t work even though it says it is.


I’ve created a hacky way to allow this to run with voice control. Gary currently has the “on” and “off” commands stubbed out. If you map either or both of them to call the “push” function, then asking a device to “turn on the garage door” is the same as asking it to push the button. This will command the door to change state. You could also map “on” to “open” and “off” to “close” or something of the like. Here’s an example of the change I made:

def on() {
	return push()

def off() {
	log.debug "off() was called and ignored"

I know just enough to be dangerous so I’m sure someone may have a good reason to not do this (outside of the obvious security issue of locking/unlocking doors on your house by voice…)

(Ron) #114

@fudsak keep in mind that now anyone can open your garage by just shouting the command loud enough for GH or Echo to hear it. You probably know that but just in case


@Ron Yes, that was the intent. My plan for that is to name the garage door something crazy, maybe even unpronounceable, within SmartThings. Then, I am using IFTT to map a phrase like “Open ___” and “Close ___” to the Turn On / Turn Off calls. The blanks represent a private phrase I can use that’s not obvious to others and serves almost like a password.

(Ron) #116

@fudsak I considered this as well. Of course you will be saying it out loud so could be overheard :slight_smile:

I wanted to name mine “sesame”

“Alexa, Open sesame” :slight_smile:


@Ron I suppose that makes sense but not a major concern of mine. I have IFTTT setup to notify me any time it executes that applet so I would know someone else did it (after the fact). I’m not to worried about the overhearing thing since I’m not within earshot of neighbors (who are all trustworthy) and anyone stalking me with some sort of ‘super ear’ is probably wiser just tossing a brick through a window :slight_smile:

My primary use for this though will be if/when Android Auto runs Google Assistant. Then I could issue a voice command through my car to open it.

(Ron) #118

I placed a flic button in my car to open the garage. I like it because it will only open the door in the presence of my phone since that’s how flic buttons work. I can open my garage from anywhere using the button as long as I am the one pushing the button with my phone near me.


Hello, new here and to the world of smartthings and I am having an issues with the reset time for the door status. It seems that after I open or close the door the status takes a few minutes to update in the app, which also make my routines NOT work that include the garage. However, when I push the reset (the circle arrow??) it works. Is there a way to speed up the automatic status reset time? Am I missing something or maybe have something setup incorrectly? I have the GD00Z-4. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(Michael Stroh) #120

Mine is near instant. There are occasional delays. I have mine set to turn on the garage light when open and turn off the garage light when closed. I also get a notification on my phone when the door is closed. (Eliminates the “Did I close the door?” as I’m driving away) Once in a while, maybe a couple months apart the notification will be delayed a minute or so.

Is your garage far away from the next closest zwave device? I wonder if that could cause delays.


I have the same issue!