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Enhanced Z-wave garage door opener code (for Linear GD00Z and variants)


(Gary D) #81

pfft. Not at all. I did the device type for my own use, and just shared what I did. Please be assured that if I didn’t have the need to do the work for myself, I wouldn’t have done it. :wink:

Okay… When you start the ST app, on the first page called “dashboard”, do you see “Doors & Locks”? (I honestly don’t know if ST removed that or not… I might only have it due to legacy stuff.) If you do have that, you should be able to hit the gear icon, and “Add a door” and follow the prompts from there.

If “doors and locks” is NOT there, I have to be honest that I have no idea how to get it there. Well - try what I suggested and if the section isn’t there, we can start asking ST folks…


(radyoactive) #82

Hi Gary D,

Thank you for the reply and sharing your work! The app must have changed with the V2 as the dashboard only shows the “Smart Home Monitor” Things are not grouped by device that I can see. I can see the Garage Door Opener but unable to edit the thing to change the way it’s being recognized and after changing it, it doesn’t show up any place different.

Maybe someone with the V2 hub can clarify?


(Gary D) #83

I have the v2 hub. This isn’t a hub thing, it’s a software/app thing (or platform?) @Ben,@April - can either of you help us out? We’re trying to figure out where the smartapps that used to work under “doors and locks” can be found. Those smartapps had a selection to choose between “conventional” doors and “garage” doors…

@radyoactive, in the meantime, the device type works with the “lighting automation” (or “smart lighting” or “lighting wizard” or whatever it’s called these days) as an open/close. In fact, it should work with anything that works with an open/close sensor (even if those things don’t support sending commands to the door.)

(JP) #84

Scenario - My garage door is into a shared alley and I want it to close automatically if it has been opened for ## minutes. Example is that I forgot to close the door and don’t want a random person in my garage.

I’ve searched the standard smart apps and can’t something to this. Recommendations?

(Colin) #85

There’s a Smart App called Left It Open that will do what you want

(Colin) #86

What is not working as you expect? You see the device in Things view? Did you create a Room and put the garage door in it?

(Ron) #87

You can try my smart app if you like. It closes the garage some # of min after it was opened.

I have stopped using it because I just alert and close it manually but I had it working when I first wrote it. If you have any issues let know and i will test it out again.

(JP) #88

Thanks! Trying another called left it open and then will try this

(Mark) #89

Thanks Gary for this new device type, I struggled with MyQ for days, never could get it to work reliably so I purchased this linear unit but like others could not get it to work without your fix. BTW I’m on Hub2 and previous reliable smartapps seemed to just stop working with my evolve Z-wave relay that I had been previously using on hub1 so I gave up on that as well. Getting my garage door to open and close with presence has been my number 1 beef with Hub2 aside from the first one they sent was DOA.

Anyway I miss the ability to lock and unlock doors with the garage door device. Any suggestions or fix?

(Gary D) #90

[quote=“mhonard1, post:89, topic:9389”]
Anyway I miss the ability to lock and unlock doors with the garage door device. Any suggestions or fix?
[/quote]I don’t understand what it is you’re trying to do. Please detail it. (Remember that I don’t know what devices you may or may not have.)

(Mark) #91

Sorry was just trying to provide some history for others suffering the same problems.

Anyway I currently have ST Hub2, linear GD00Z, and Schlage z-wave locks. Previous garage door open and close apps I’ve used had options to lock or unlock the doors when the presence sensor leaves or arrives integrated into the app. Your app does not. I was just asking if it could be added otherwise I will need to set up a separate routine to do so. Thanks

(Gary D) #92

[quote=“mhonard1, post:91, topic:9389”]
Previous garage door open and close apps I’ve used had options to lock or unlock the doors when the presence sensor leaves or arrives integrated into the app.
[/quote]Lock and unlock garage doors? I don’t think the GD00Z has any “lock” mechanism. I’m really confused… Also, this isn’t a smartapp - it’s a device type. This code isn’t supposed to interact with ANY device other than the one it’s controlling.

Writing a quick smartapp that locks (or unlocks) a door based on an event from another device would be trivial, but is way outside the scope of a garage door opener device type…

(Mark) #93

Ok, clearly I WAS CONFUSED. Some of this confusion just ignorance on my part and part of it is changes in the ST interface. So now that I am clear this is a device type what I would do is to write a routine in the new ST interface to open/close the door and open/close the locks. But why won’t "My Z-Wave Garage Door " thing show up as a garage door controller?

(Gary D) #94

I’m not sure. Are you using a ST provided smartapp, or something provided by a third party? If you give me the exact steps (including links to any 3rd party smartapps required) to see the issue, I’ll try to repeat and then see what I can do to resolve it.

Because I spend a significant amount of time each day trying to guess what other people don’t tell me (and often guessing wrong): Assume NOTHING in giving me steps. It’s easier for me to discard useless information than it is to fill in missing pieces. Step 1: Start the “Smarthings Mobile” application. Take it from there…

(Mark) #95

No routines are part of Smartthings. Such as “Good Night”, “Good Morning” etc. You can write your own routines that include options for turn switches on/off, or set dimmers, or lock/unlock doors AND open/close garage doors. But when I go to the garage door option there are no options. I don’t understand why My Z-wave garage “thing” is not available as a garage door??

What smart app are people using to automatically open and close the garage door based on presence sensors

(Gary D) #96

Thank you. That was enough information to “repeat” the issue. I can see that this device is NOT listed as a choice for a “garage door” when modifying a “routine.”

I also have no idea why it’s not. It’s possible that ST has added some other UNDOCUMENTED capability for garage doors, or something else is going on.

@Jim, can you offer some insight as to what the built-in smartapp for adding “routine” actions is looking for when prompting for “Open or close garage doors”?

It appears that there’s something new, as “Door Control” (or any of the following) aren’t working:

		capability "Actuator"
		capability "Door Control"
		capability "Contact Sensor"
		capability "Refresh"
		capability "Sensor"
                capability "Polling"
  		capability "Switch" 
		capability "Momentary"
		capability "Relay Switch"

I don’t see any new capabilities documented for this…

(Gary D) #97

@mhonard1, try this:

In the device type code, near the top of the file (after the comments) you should see the following line:

capability "Relay Switch"

Immediately after that line, add the following new line:

capability "Garage Door Control"

(Indenting doesn’t matter… just make sure the new line is on a line by itself in the place I instructed.) Save that and publish for yourself. This seems to let the door show up for me in the routine.

HOWEVER, BECAUSE SMARTTHINGS HAS LEFT THIS UNDOCUMENTED, I HAVE NO IDEA IF THERE ARE ADDITIONAL EVENTS OR FUNCTIONS I NEED TO WRITE. From a quick peek, it appears that everything will work just by tossing that in, but I don’t know for sure. (In fact, it could be that with the undocumented capability, my device type is no longer needed.)

(Ron) #98

It stinks that they didn’t update the capabilities reference.
Documentation is not very helpful when it is poorly maintained.

(Mark) #99

Thanks Ill give that a try for more flexibility, however, I found this site that has a smartappp (donation required) that seems to work called “Garage Door Open Close Automatically on Arrival and Leave”

I also looked into Smartrules (iOS only) and it seems to recognize this “enhanced z-wave device” as a contact sensor, a door, a momentary switch, a regular switch. Not sure if this is valuable but I found smartrules has allowed me more complex routines in the past. Ill give it try when I get a chance.

(Mark) #100

Yes it shows up now. Ill update once I get a chance to try as this is the preferred approach. Right now trying the “Garage Door Open Close Automatically on Arrival and Leave” smartapp mentioned in my previous post,

Z-wave opener without the "My enhanced z-wave device" test