Enhanced Z-wave garage door opener code (for Linear GD00Z and variants)

Still having issues after battery replacement. Any other thoughts? Works on refresh, it’s just refreshing the status itself.

I can confirm that the 2015 DH from Gary didn’t work to treat my GD00Z-4 Garage Door Opener as an on/off switch (i.e. using Google Assistant to use voice commands).

Using this DH from Ron did the trick. I can now use voice commands with Google Assistant by adding a Custom Routine to open and a Custom Routine to close. This is some next level stuff!

Thanks so much!!

I’m using the DH from Ron and it’s working great. I do have a few questions though. In the ST app I see 5 different options to control: Power, Contact Sensor, Door, Garage Door and Momentary.

I’m assuming that “Power” is there because the code has it acting as a switch. But does anyone know why there are “door” and “garage door” options?

From the first post in this thread:

I’ve modified the ST default “Z-Wave Garage Door Opener” to better work with the “doors & locks” module. As far as I know, this would only be useful for the linear GD00Z device (and variants including the Iris opener.) This will allow you to select your garage door device as both the “open/close sensor” and the “garage door opener relay.” At that point, from within the “doors & locks” module, you can use “open and close it remotely” (and perhaps the other sub-modules that open/close the door.)

All this does is to add the “relay switch” and “momentary” capabilities to the type, stubs on()/off(), and defines push() to either open or close the door (depending on it’s current state.) It’s not a perfect implementation, as the “doors & locks” module might show the door as being “stopped” when that’s an invalid state of the Z-wave door opener.

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