Enhanced Z-wave garage door opener code (for Linear GD00Z and variants)

my Linear GD00Z-4 GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener using this device handler was working fine until yesterday when i get notifications its open when its actually closed.

im using the IDLE GARAGE DOOR APP as well.

anybody else having this problem?

While I’m definitely not discounting the possibility of ST having a hiccup, I got this type of error a while back when the battery in my tilt sensor gave out. After replacing the battery and re-syncing, it was back to live action.


thanks… will have to check mine…

Yeah that’s fairly common when you start seeing the status as “Unknown” or incorrect.

I do believe that you have to be quick about the battery change if it is finicky though. There’s a chance that the opener and the sensor will get completely out of sync if the battery dies and you’ll have to re-pair it.

Always fun having to move cars and climb ladders in the garage to go hit a little button.

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oh no… hopefully im not too late if this is the case… but just in case where would i find a write up on how to re-pair the sensor and the opener?

It’s a common enough problem that there are threads going back years with instructions and caveats. It’s not that big of a deal like I said, other than the fact that you have to hit a button on the unit which you most likely mounted WAY up there in the ceiling… :slight_smile:

i needed to re-pair. now i am able to close and open the garage door via ST APP.

however, with the IDLE GARAGE DOOR app (garage door closes when its left open) i get notifications that its still open and should close the garage door when their is motion sensor activity BUT its not closing the garage door!

i think im a step closer (better than yesterday) but am not sure if this is the ST HUB or what else?

p.s. ive also deleted previous settings i had on the IDLE GARAGE DOOR and recreated it but the same thing, i only get a prompt that its open, i’d check on ST APP if indeed the garage door is open which is indeed open, and also physically check that the garage door is open. so, all are TRUE.

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Have you looked in the logs to see if the command is actually being sent to the door to close and the door is just ignoring it?

I’m not using the app myself so I don’t know how it works.

Just gave up on the app (idle garage door). Found a webcore piston and just modified it to fit my needs.

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That’s what I’ve been using… I have a piston that turns on the garage lights if the garage door state changes, or if there’s motion in the garage, and turns them off after a while.

I think I have another one that sends a notification if the doors appear to remain open for a while, just as a reminder.

Anyone having an issue with the state of the door not updating? Mine does not seem to update at the frequency it should. It always knows the status if I go in and refresh it.

Either your sensor batteries are low or you have a signal issue from the opener to the hub. My bet is the battery if it was working and now isn’t.


agree… looks like same issues i had earlier. replacing the battery fixed the issues i had.

I will give that a try, but it’s just odd it will show the correct status whenever I hit refresh.

Still having issues after battery replacement. Any other thoughts? Works on refresh, it’s just refreshing the status itself.

I can confirm that the 2015 DH from Gary didn’t work to treat my GD00Z-4 Garage Door Opener as an on/off switch (i.e. using Google Assistant to use voice commands).

Using this DH from Ron did the trick. I can now use voice commands with Google Assistant by adding a Custom Routine to open and a Custom Routine to close. This is some next level stuff!

Thanks so much!!

I’m using the DH from Ron and it’s working great. I do have a few questions though. In the ST app I see 5 different options to control: Power, Contact Sensor, Door, Garage Door and Momentary.

I’m assuming that “Power” is there because the code has it acting as a switch. But does anyone know why there are “door” and “garage door” options?

From the first post in this thread:

I’ve modified the ST default “Z-Wave Garage Door Opener” to better work with the “doors & locks” module. As far as I know, this would only be useful for the linear GD00Z device (and variants including the Iris opener.) This will allow you to select your garage door device as both the “open/close sensor” and the “garage door opener relay.” At that point, from within the “doors & locks” module, you can use “open and close it remotely” (and perhaps the other sub-modules that open/close the door.)

All this does is to add the “relay switch” and “momentary” capabilities to the type, stubs on()/off(), and defines push() to either open or close the door (depending on it’s current state.) It’s not a perfect implementation, as the “doors & locks” module might show the door as being “stopped” when that’s an invalid state of the Z-wave door opener.

Nice job on this. Always hated the blue “on” color for Closed in the default handler. Green is a fine choice.

Green indicates custom DTH and blue indicates stock DTH.

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